Informal 2014

This year’s informal was a blast thanks to our awesome formal/informal chairs, Ashley & Anja! They have put so much thought, time, & effort into these two functions & have made them so memorable!

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Laguna enjoyed a crazy Christmas swap with Shawreth a few weeks ago! We had a great time dressing in anything and everything Christmas-related. Thanks to our Swaps and Socials officers for making this event so much fun! 1452545_10202613969091532_2130330252_n1402225_10151730876607111_1500508077_o1459333_10202614009812550_832909750_n1399012_10151730881022111_1669640954_o1425453_10151730867912111_721729857_o


Laguna pledges worked hard preparing for this year’s Follies. With the help of a few actives, they were able to win SECOND PLACE this year! Follies is an eight minute production combining singing/acting/dancing put on by the 2013 pledge class. They compete against each tribe and club to win points that will go toward Homecoming weekend. This year’s Follies was STELLAR. The theme was Annie! 1149435_10151972466866001_1125414522_o1398053_10151972467261001_418266230_o1401318_10151972468256001_363110464_o1399755_10151972470186001_652285769_o

Coke Party.

Coke Parties are a time to meet and mingle with the general rushers! We have prayed for each of these girls and their hearts for several months. The actives of Laguna wear our black dresses and welcome these precious young women to Rush and Mississippi College. 1402986_10151730838287111_1085622859_o1403442_10151730829462111_788430460_o884323_10151730831777111_738874046_o1401549_10151730828497111_1156932806_o

Rush Skits!

During rush, each tribe has the opportunity to put on a show for the upcoming rushees! It’s a time for Laguna to show the potential girls what this tribe is all about. We act, but most importantly, we DANCE! Dancing is one of our favorite things to do! Our theme this year was Saved By The Bell. Below are pictures from behind-the-scenes of this year’s 2013 Rush Skits! 1077400_10151730799462111_400422986_o977353_10151730803147111_1947883959_o893375_10151730800902111_811775879_o

General Rush 2013 is underway!

General rush is one of the most exciting times of the year, not only for the new students, but for our actives as well! We have spent so much time preparing for the future baby mice and cannot wait to meet the future ladies of Laguna! Most of all, we want you girls to know that we already love you and have been praying for you. Our hope is that you will follow the Lord’s guidance as you make this decision, and never forget that Laguna has a place for everyone. Below are some pictures of our beautiful actives making some final preparations before the events kick into gear.

rush 1

rush 9

rush 8!

rush 7

rush 6

rush 4

rush 3

Laguna Welcomes our New Sophomore Beau, Ty Bates!


Each tribe pledge class has the honor of naming one guy to be their brother figure in the tribe, and the Ladies of Laguna are so excited to finally announce that Ty Bates has been named as our new Sophomore beau! Ty is a sophomore at Mc from Largo, Florida. He is also very involved with the college group at First Baptist Church Jackson and a future intramural superstar! We are all ecstatic to welcome him into our family and cannot wait to see how God uses Him as Laguna grows and develops this year!

Scott Lee - Senior Beau, Ty Bates - Sophomore Beau, and Kirk Bryant - Junior Beau

Scott Lee – Senior Beau, Ty Bates – Sophomore Beau, and Kirk Bryant – Junior Beau

Our pledge class is now complete! We love you, Ty!

Our pledge class is now complete! We love you, Ty!

Laguna Informal 2013

Friday, March 23rd- Laguna’s spring informal took place at the beautiful Providence Hill farms, located in Clinton. Everyone had a great time, and it was the perfect start to a busy and fun-filled weekend! Thanks to our awesome Formal/Informal Chairs, Anja Evans and Ashley Dillard, for making sure it was the best Informal!